(DAO) Data Access ObjectsADO.NETAdvanced SQL - Relational Set Operators
BCNFBackup & RecoveryBusiness Rules
CASE ToolsChen NotationChoosing a Database – Desktop Databases vs. Server Databases
Cloud DatabaseCognosConcurrency Control
Current eventsDBMSDBMS Functions
Data Access Objects (DAO)Data AnomaliesData Definition Language
Data DictionaryData Dictionary and SQLData Migration
Data MiningData QualityData Redundancy
Data ValidationData WarehouseData model
DatabaseDatabase: KeysDatabase: Real World Examples
Database AdministrationDatabase Design StrategiesDatabase Driven Websites
Database Entities in E/R ModelingDatabase IndexDatabase Indices
Database IndiciesDatabase Life Cycle (DBLC)Database Lifecycle (DBLC)
Database Management SoftwareDatabase PrivacyDatabase Security
Database TuningDatabase TypesDatabase models used by Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) Games
Daytona Database Management System and CymbalDegrees of AbstractionDistributed Database Management System (DDBMS)
Distributed database design of ddbmsDo you need a Database Management system?E/R Model: Type of Attributes
E/R ModelingEntity Relationship ModelingExtended Entity-Relationship (EE-R) Model
Finding The Best DBMS For Your NeedsFunctional DependenciesIBM DB2
Improving the Design of a DatabaseIndexesIntegrity Rules
Key/Value StoreLINQLink Access to Oracle
Locking MechanismsMain PageMetadata
Microsoft Access DatabaseMySQLNavigational Database
Network Database ModelNormalizationNormalization Steps
ODBC: Linking DatabasesObject-Oriented Database ModelOracle
Rapid Application Development (RAD)Real-time DatabaseRelation Algebra/Relational Calculus
Relational Algebra/Relational CalculusRelational Database: KeysRelational Database Model
Relational NotationRelational Set OperatorsRuby on Rails
SDLCSQLSQL: Commonly Used Statements
SQL ExamplesSQLiteSecuring Your Database
Semantic Data ModelServer-Side Web Application FrameworksServer Fragmentation
Shared LocksStructural Query LanguageSub queries
SubschemasThat's all thank you.The Database Life Cycle (DBLC)
The Human FactorThe Importance of User RequirementsTraditional Approach
TriggersVisio and DatabasesWhat to look for when deciding on a DBMS
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File:Diagram4.JPGFile:ER example 1.jpgFile:Example.jpg
File:Ezhil Kumar 20170824 091354.jpgFile:FragmentationDefragmentation.gifFile:IBM Cognos RGB.gif
File:If muybridge could bark.jpgFile:RAID 6.svgFile:Rails.gif
File:Real-time diagram.jpgFile:SQLite Logo-3e5453f0a4c3e6f5.gifFile:Search logo.png
File:Strange Things Are Happening These Days!.jpgFile:Table.JPGFile:Top - down method.png

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